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Carpet Cleaning Questions and Myths

Carpet Cleaning is one of the main services that we provide and over the years we have heard many questions and myths about carpet cleaning. Let's address the some of the most stated myths or questions.

1." I am ripping out my carpet because it's terrible for my allergies."

First off, you are not allergic to your carpet, but rather what's in your carpet. Carpet fibers hold dirt, dust, pollen and many other contaminants that can cause your allergic reactions such as sneezing, stuffiness and headaches. Without carpet, these allergens are free to float about your home. The answer is not always to rip it out and replace with hard floors, but understanding proper cleaning of it, so it doesn't contain allergens.

2. "I vacuum regularly, so it really necessary to get it clean?"

Vacuuming carpet properly is something that many of us don't do as often or as well as we think. It's important to use a vacuum with a beater bar that gently lifts the carpet fibers up and away while the suction pulls the dirt loose. Dirt and debris can get "smashed' down into the carpet if you put the beater bar too low, but can also be left in the carpet without the use of one at all. Also, proper emptying and cleaning of the air filters keep the vacuum operating at high efficiency to remove more debris from the carpet. Good vacuuming is great but much dirt is still left behind on carpet that cannot be removed simply by vacuuming.

3. "I rent or own a carpet cleaning machine and do it myself and don't need it done professionally."

The typical machines that homeowners own are best used simply for small areas or little spots. These machines usually have tiny water tank that you put water in that pours out over the carpet as a brush spins and then vacuums out the the water. Unfortunately, many people don't even know what chemicals they are using in the machines and what effects they have on the carpet. Much of the cleaner is not properly flushed out of the carpet leaving it to re-soil quickly or even to stay wet for an extended period of time. These little machines cannot compare to the use of professional equipment.

4. "How often should I have my carpet cleaned?"

It is recommend by the Carpet and Rug Institute and most carpet manufacturers to have your carpet cleaned using the Hot Water Extraction method (steam cleaning) once every 12-18 months. I recommend that to be a minimum time frame to get it cleaned. Your flooring is the most used surface of your home that collects dirt and wears down because over time. Dirt in carpet wears it down faster than cleaning ever does.

If I didn't answer your question feel free to comment or email us your question about carpet cleaning in your home.

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